Kyrgyzstan marital relationship traditions

Family is the backbone of society in online dating safety tips Kyrgyzstan, and wedding ceremonies are a key element part of lifestyle. There are many different feasts associated with a bride’s approaching marriage, and wedding parties are held through the country.

Tradition requires that a young gal must stay at home with her parents until the girl with married. Her family after that sends her away with new material goods (sep), which stand for the wealth of their home. Inside the previous, rich Kyrgyz families would definitely send all their daughters cows, horses or slaves with her; these days sep consists of carpets, clothes and other useful home items.

Another traditions in kyrgyzstan is kalym, or perhaps the «bride selling price. » The groom’s family must pay the bride’s family group in cash and livestock. These are the traditional dowry, but in the past few years gold charms has become more prevalent.

The dowry is also a way meant for the groom’s family to show their riches. The dowry can comprise of money, cows, sheep or maybe gold rings.

A wedding in kyrgyzstan is normally an psychological occasion and it is very important to everyone involved to convey their would like for the couple. Throughout the wedding party, people stand up and utter their terms of true blessing to the recently married couple, starting with the trustworthy elders.

In Kyrgyzstan, the practice of bride kidnapping has been restricted for decades. But it really remains a problem, because women who are forced into matrimony are often subjected to physical maltreatment, sexual violence or rape.